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Acronyms quiz - questions and answers
Acronyms quiz
 Comments comments level of difficulty808% - easy
Inventors quiz - questions and answers
Inventors quiz
 Comments0 comments level of difficulty32% - hard
Commercial aircraft quiz - questions and answers
Commercial aircraft quiz
 Comments0 comments level of difficulty37% - hard
C64 game quiz - questions and answers
C64 game quiz
 Comments0 comments level of difficulty27% - hard
Military Aircraft Quiz - questions and answers
Military Aircraft Quiz
 Comments1 comments level of difficulty38% - hard
US Politician Quiz - questions and answers
US Politician Quiz
 Comments0 comments level of difficulty44% - medium
European politican quiz - questions and answers
European politican quiz
 Comments0 comments level of difficulty40% - hard
Most popular miscellaneous games
Inventors quiz gameInventors quiz
Inventors quiz Comments0 commentsInventors quiz level of difficulty32% - hard
Military Aircraft Quiz gameMilitary Aircraft Quiz
Military Aircraft Quiz Comments1 commentsMilitary Aircraft Quiz level of difficulty38% - hard
Commercial aircraft quiz gameCommercial aircraft quiz
Commercial aircraft quiz Comments0 commentsCommercial aircraft quiz level of difficulty37% - hard

Most recent comments
no nickname from Ugandano nickname (Acronyms quiz)
HARAE from CameroonHARAE (Acronyms quiz)
My favorite color is green
hara from Philippineshara (Acronyms quiz)
Gettafix from South AfricaGettafix (US Politician Quiz)
Not bad for non-us citizen
Gettafix from South AfricaGettafix (Acronyms quiz)
Not to sure what NOTAM was, most of the others where fairly easy. BTW…
traveling man from traveling man (Acronyms quiz)
fdyn actual means fire department new york otherwise with the answer…


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